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«It's time now».
A voice from behind
gently pulls at me,
pulling me back
to here and now,
to that moment
where everything
begins and ends
all at the same time.
A firm, yet soft,
touch on my shoulder
echoes without words,
«It's time now».








Responding with only
a turn of my head,
I acknowledge her.
I see in her eyes
the message once more.









My eyes reach out and say,
«Just a little longer».
Her smile replies,
«It's time now».









«Come», says she.
And I turn to look
behind me one last time,
as her hand upon
my shoulder presses,
ever so slightly,
adding emphasis
to her beckoning,
her invitation.
«Come», is repeated
by her touch and nod,
like a bowing of her head.











With one deep breath
I turn to face her,
and away we step,
together again,
Spirit Woman and I,
hand in hand.










«Don't look back»,
     she says;
and these words send a
shiver of panic through
I jerk and start to turn,
but her hand now
close around mine,
repeating once more,
«Don't look back».
And we walk on,
my heart loudly pounding.
I look at her hard.
I say to her with my eyes,
«Just one last…»
Her eyes cut me off,
silently warning,
«Don't look back».
I feel her urging me
on with her heart,
the message repeated
in love.
But I cannot stop;
my impulse is strong.
And quickly I turn,
hoping for one last
something to pull me back,
to say, «Stay.
This is where you belong».













But instead, only darkness
and empty silence abide.














I look to her for
answers now, in hope
of understanding.
But her eyes,
her heart, her touch,
her silent words, all say,
«I tried to stop you».
Her arm around me
tightens, but gently,
and pulls me forward
once again.
I do not understand,
and yet deep peace
moves through me now
like a gentle wave.












And together,
we walk on.
Nothing ahead.
Nothing behind.
A pervading sense
of presence;
of here now;
of anticlimax.
I am not sure why
I avoided this
for so long.












Time passages lose
their power in
here now.












Whether we walked
for minutes or hours,
days or centuries,
I cannot tell.
We've never stopped.
And in the silence
and peace of movement
days or lives could pass
in a single step.
I know I've learned
something that gives
me a sense of Strength,
for they are real:
as natural to me
as taking a breath,
or feeling the wind
in my hair,
or splashing cold water
in my own face
from a clear stream.













The two of us move,
a living, walking
to all that has been,
to All That Is,













and all that shall be;
and to each other.
And with each step
a little more
of the burden
of meaning with which
I have laden
everything and
everyone in my past
drops away.
Piece by piece,
it dissolves
as easily as
the Sun into
the evening sky.
Until, at last,
all that is left
is a Luminous Void.













«It's time now».
Her words take on
a new meaning,
but I do not
As the Luminous Void
inside and around me grows,
she squeezes my hand,
and then lets it go,
and somehow this gesture
echoes her words.
My eyes seek answers.
But her eyes grow
first brighter and then
begin to fade away.
Her image disappears
into the Luminous Void.













I gasp and reach out
to pull her back,
but I cannot.
A last, loving smile
and gentle nod
and she is gone.













Sounds of silence roar
forgotten memories.
Winds of time blow
through my core.
I am alone
on a path to and from
Nowhere —
so suddenly,
like a falling star
that soars through
a darkening sky
to who knows where.
Behind me: darkness.
Ahead: soft haze.
And here and now:
the Luminous Void.













Something inside me
settles somehow.
A wave of peace
and acceptance
spreads through me —
though I do not
know why.
I begin to walk on.
Nothing ahead.
Nothing behind.
Just pervading sense
of presence: my own,
the sacred presence
that I Am,
of here now,
of anticlimax.
I am not sure
why I avoided this
for so long.













Alone I walk on —
minutes or hours or days
I cannot tell.
But I've never stopped.
And once again
in the silence and peace
of my own movement,
one step at a time,
I learn something.
I become more.
And Strenght,
and Faith,
and Patience,
and Trust
as real and natural
to me as existence.













Walking on in silence
and in reverence,
I am a single,
walking, living Namaste
to all that has been,
and All That Is,
and all that shall be,
and to myself.
And with each step
the burden of meaning
I gave to her,
to us,
to everything,
slips away:
dissolving with ease
as softly as
a sigh.













Until, at last,
all that remains is
only a Luminous Void
abiding within me,
and I abiding as
the Luminous Void.
And only then,
from deep inside,
I hear a distant,
familiar voice.

















«It's time now».
I hear this time —
resistance gone —













And with an inner glow
I softly reply,
And closing my eyes,
I hear her voice:
«Just a few steps more,
and ahead there is
a bridge: an arched bridge.
You cannot see
to the other side
until you stand
at the crest,
in the center.
Walk slowly,
and at the crest
you will see a light
in the distance.
Follow it, and it
will lead you home».













In silence, I
softly reply,
Deep inside what I Am,
I feel a warm breeze
filling me with all
the love I've ever known —
in a single moment
between times.
And just as I
open my eyes
to step forward,













I see endless horizons
with endless bridges,
one after another.
And with quiet laugh
and willing heart
I step forward
toward the first bridge
knowing I will cross
them all,
without question.
I am not sure
why I avoided this
for so long.





















This poem was channeled by

Amorah Quan Yin
From a Ra God of the Pleiads.
Transcribed by
from the book
Pleiadian Perspectives
on Human Evolution
ISBN 1-879181-33-9
by Amorah Quan Yin

Please buy it, and read it;
then give it to a friend…



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