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Manual for Teachers
24. Is Re´ncarnation So?

  1. In the ultimate sense, re´ncarnation is impossible. There is no past or future, and the idea of birth into a body has no meaning either once or many times. Re´ncarnation cannot, then, be true in any real sense. Our only question should be, źIs the concept helpful?╗ And that depends, of course, on what it is used for. If it is used to strengthen the recognition of the eternal nature of life, it is helpful indeed. Is any other question about it really useful in lighting up the way? Like many other beliefs, it can be bitterly misused. At least, such misuse offers preoccupation and perhaps pride in the past. At worst, it includes inertia in the present. In between, many kinds of folly are possible.

  2. Re´ncarnation would not, under any circumstances, be the problem to be dealt with now. If it were responsible for some of the difficulties the individual faces now, his task would still be only to escape from them now. If he is laying the groundwork for a future life, he can still work out his salvation only now. To some, there may be comfort in the concept, and if it heartens them its value is self-evident. It is certain, however, that the way to salvation can be found by those who believe in re´ncarnation and by those who do not. The idea cannot, therefore, be regarded as essential to the curriculum. There is always some risk in seeing the present in the terms of the past. There is always some good in any thought which strengthens the idea the life and the body are not the same.

  3. For out purposes, it would not be helpful to take any definite stand on re´ncarnation. A teacher of God should be as helpful to those who believe in it as to those who do not. If a definite stand were required of him, it would merely limit his usefulness, as well as his own decision making. Our course is not concerned with any concept that is not acceptable to anyone, regardless of his formal beliefs. His ego will be enough for him to cope with, and it is not the part of wisdom to add sectarian controversies to his burdens. Nor would there be an advantage in his premature acceptance of the course merely because it advocates a long-held belief of his own.

  4. It cannot be too strongly emphasized that this course aims at a complete reversal of thought. When this is finally accomplished, issues such as the validity of re´ncarnation become meaningless. Until then, they are likely to be merely controversial. The teacher of God is, therefore, wise to step away from all such questions, for he has much to teach and learn apart from them. He should both learn and teach that theoretical issues but waste time, draining it away from its appointed purpose. If there are aspects to any concept or belief that will be helpful, he will be told about it. He will also be told how to use it. What more need he know?

  5. Does this mean that the teacher of God should not believe in re´ncarnation himself, or discuss it with others who do? The answer is, certainly not! If he does believe in re´ncarnation, it would be a mistake for him to renounce the belief, unless his internal Teacher so advised. And this is most unlikely. He might be advised that he is misusing the belief in some way that is detrimental to his pupil's advance or his own. Re´nterpretation would then be recommended, because it is necessary. All that must be recognized, however, is that birth was not the beginning, and death is not the end. Yet even this much is not required of the beginner. He need merely accept the idea that what he knows is not necessarily all there is to learn. His journey has begun.

  6. The emphasis of this course always remains the same;—it is at this moment that complete salvation is offered you, and it is at this moment that you can accept it. This is still your one responsibility. Atonement might be equated with total escape from the past and total lack of interest in the future. Heaven is here. There is nowhere else. Heaven is now. There is no other time. No teaching that does not lead to this is of concern to God's teachers. All beliefs will point to this if properly interpreted. In this sense, it can be said that their truth lies in their usefulness. All beliefs that lead to progress should be honored. this is the sole criterion this course requires. No more than this is necessary.

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Chapter 19

IV. The Obstacles to Peace

B. The Second Obstacle: The belief the Body is Valuable for What It Offers.

  1. We said that peace must first surmount the obstacle of your desire to get rid of it. Where the attraction of guilt holds sway, peace is not wanted. The second obstacle that peace must flow across, and closely related to the first, is the belief that the body is valuable for what it offers. For here is the attraction of guilt made manifest in the body, and seen in it.

  2. This is the value that you think peace would rob you of. This is what you believe that it would dispossess, and leave you homeless. And it is this for which you would deny a home to peace. This źsacrifice╗ you feel to be too great to make, too much to ask of you. Is it a sacrifice, or a release? What has the body really given you that justifies your strange belief that in it lies salvation? Do you not see that this is the belief in death? Here is the focus of the perception of Atonement as murder. Here is the source of the idea that love is fear.

  3. The Holy Spirit's messengers are sent far beyond the body, calling the mind to join in holy communion and be at peace. Such is the message that I gave them for you. It is only the messengers of fear that see the body, for they look for what can suffer. Is it a sacrifice to be removed from what can suffer? The Holy Spirit does not demand you sacrifice the hope of the body's pleasure; it has no hope of pleasure. But neither can it bring you fear of pain. Pain is the only źsacrifice╗ the Holy Spirit asks, and this He would remove.

  4. Peace is extended from you only to the eternal, and it reaches out from the eternal in you It flows across all else The second obstacle is no more solid than the first. For you want neither to get rid of peace nor limit it. What are these obstacles that you would interpose between peace and its going forth but barriers you place between your will and its accomplishment? You want communion, not the feast of fear. You want salvation, not the pain of guilt. And you want your Father, not a little mound of clay, to be your home. In your holy relationship is your Father's Son. He has not lost communion with Him, nor with himself. When you agreed to join your brother, you acknowledged this is so. This has no cost, but it has release from cost.

  5. You have paid very dearly for your illusions, and nothing you have paid for brought you peace. Are you not glad that Heaven cannot be sacrificed, and sacrifice cannot be asked of you? There is no obstacle that you can place before our union, for in your holy relationship I am there already. We will surmount all obstacles together, for we stand within the gates and not outside. How easily the gates are opened from within, to let peace through to bless the tired world! Can it be difficult for us to walk past barriers together, when you have joined the limitless? The end of guilt is in your hands to give. Would you not stop now to look for guilt in your brother?

  6. Let me be to you the symbol of the end of guilt, and look upon your brother as you would look on me. Forgive me all the sins you think the Son of God committed. And in the light of your forgiveness he will remember who he is, and forget what never was. I ask for your forgiveness, for if you are guilty, so must I be But if I surmounted guilt and overcame the world, you were with me. Would you see in me the symbol of guilt or of the end of guilt, remembering that what I signify to you see within yourself?

  7. From your holy relationship trough proclaims the truth, and love looks on itself. Salvation flows from deep within the home you offered to my Father and to me. And we are there together, in the quiet communion in which the Father and the Son are joined. O come ye faithful to the holy union of the Father and the Son in you! And keep you not apart from what is offered you in gratitude for giving peace its home in Heaven. Send forth to all the world the joyous message of the end of guilt, and all the world will answer. Think of your happiness as everyone offers you witness of the end of sin, and shows you that its power is gone forever. Where can guilt be, when the belief in sin is gone? And where is death, when its great advocate is heard no more?

  8. Forgive me your illusions, and release me from punishment for what I have not done. So will you learn the freedom that I taught by teaching freedom to your brother, and so releasing me. I am within your holy relationship, yet you would imprison me behind the obstacles you raise to freedom, and bar my way to you. Yet it is not possible to keep away One Who is there already. And in him it is possible that our communion, where we are joined already, will be the focus of the new perception that will bring light to all the world, contained in you.

The first time I read this part of the book, it hit me why so many idiots have claimed to be a savior while killing the bodies of what they believe to be their enemies, because źthey don't deserve to live╗. And from this, why all the news we hear, everywhere, are just parts of the truth, extracted and blown up to the unrecognizable, to scare the wits out of us all.

I'm not stating that źThou shalt Not Kill Thine Neighbor╗; because this źlaw╗ was just what Jesus came here to fulfill, and by so doing, making them obsolete.

The reason why someone might interpret this text as an excuse to kill they're fellow human beings, or other beings for that matter, is because they tend to forget the base that everything in this existence is based on. The Will of God. And what is the Will of God? — Simply spoken, it is the sum of all free wills in the Universe. And when you go against a free will of another, you — in this context — automatically go against your own; or said plainly: It virtually is impossible. You commit in the fantasy of yourself and your surroundings, a sin toward yourself, as a representation of the Child ship (children of God).

Of course, it is not possible to go against the Will of God. What one does, when one kills another, is that one fulfills the dreams of that other entity. In this case, the dream is called źfear of death╗, or unconsciously longing for the end of incarnation. So why then fear, you might ask?

Then I come to the second point of my reaction to the text. News. Journalists. And, of course, the public.

What is this thing called news? News is the thing that tingles us, that frightens us and that makes us feel excitement. We don't think profoundly about it, we just endeavor it.

The construction of news, is made by the people we call journalists. A journalist is a person who has the ability to extrapolate some bits of the truth, and put them together in a way that makes it sound a bit more frightening than it would be if you had all the pieces of the truth. If it gets too frightening, we've got censors, called news editors, that will stop the news from being told.

If you want to see what more I have to tell you about the backwards thinking that allows you to feel and believe in fear, please have a look here.

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