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Revision of Attitude

I've had to revise my attitude towards commercials: At this moment in time, I now have got the need to feel so wealthy, that I don't have to worry about money at all. Therefore I have made this particular background, to make it quite apparent to anyone of my visitors, that the links inside these boxes are commercials (advertisers trying to seduce you «to give away your Credit Card number over the hacker-surveyed Internet»), and to make any such links more recognizable, and skipable (even if I've never experienced anything out of the ordinary while I've used my credit card on secure servers).

The background itself consists of a scan of the current Norwegian 1000 crowns-bill (worth approx. 133 US$).

The commercials will be added over time; in the beginning you will have to search for them, but after a period of time, they'll be more frequent, and more visible among the rest of the page contents, integrated into this site with a uniformed look.

As a courtesy to my visitors, I will now promise that you never will be tricked into massive commercials without this «background-in-a-box-warning».

But after this statement, be also aware, that the page most times will continue below the commercial-box; like on this page.

The commercials is located here solely for the purpose of make it possible for me to keep this homepage alive. And that's not… – pretty much. And now I'm too tired to worry about money any longer.

BearCY's HomoSite: Mix of Pantheïstic Enlightenment with Gay Porn.

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BearCY's HomoSite: Mix of Pantheïstic Enlightenment with Gay Porn.